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Call for Abstracts
Each person is limited to two first-author submissions in order to provide opportunities for as many participants as possible. Additional submissions beyond two will be automatically withdrawn by the conference committee without notifying the author.

◆ All abstracts are limited to a maximum of 400 words. Abstracts over 400 words will be automatically cut to length by the conference committee without notifying the author.
◆ Panels are integrated presentations on a single topic offered by four or five people.  Panel proposals require a full description of the topic, the rationale for its importance, presentation structure, and four names of the panelists who have committed to participate as speakers.  Panels will be scheduled with concurrent paper sessions.  A minimum of three panelist must register and attend the conference.
◆ CELA encourages student submissions. PhD students may submit as single author. All other students must be co-authored with a faculty advisor. Abstracts without this specification will be withdrawn without notifying the author.
◆ After the abstract is accepted, the first author of a presentation, poster (interactive presentation), or film must register and attend the conference in order for the abstract (and paper if submitted) to be included in the conference proceedings.  Conference sessions will be scheduled based on first author only and on panel participation.
◆ All authors of abstracts accepted for presentation (including panels, posters (interactive presentations), and film) are invited to submit a full paper.
◆ Abstracts Due: midnight (author’s time zone), Sunday, October 16, 2016

Information needed for abstract submission:
(1) Abstract title; (2) Student (yes or no) (3) Author’s name(s), organization(s), email(s), & PhD (yes or no); (4) Topic Area or Track; (5) Keywords; 6) Abstract (400-word max.), and (7) References/ Citations.
Authors submitting to the tracks Design Implementation, Landscape Performance, Landscape Planning and Ecology, and Sustainability (LA CES Tracks) must provide: (1) learning outcomes, and (2) bios of all authors (50-word max. each author). Please provide this information in the “Comments” box.

Topic Areas or Tracks
The Theme Track (Host) is entitled: Bridging.  The CELA Standard Tracks (12) are: Communication and Visualization, Design Education and Pedagogy, Design Implementation (LA CES track), History, Theory and Culture, Landscape Performance (LA CES track), Landscape Planning and Ecology (LA CES track), People-Environment Relationships, Research and Methods, Service-Learning and Community Engagement, Sustainability (LA CES track), Urban Design, and the Film Track.

Film Track Guidelines
The CELA film track accepts film as a research method or creative process for landscape architecture. Films respond to the traditional CELA track themes or Host Theme Track. Authors submitting to this track are expected to present a film at the conference during the evening film screening. Authors have the option of submitting a paper for review.

Submission: Abstract + Film
◆ Submit an abstract via Open Conference. All CELA abstract submission rules apply.
◆ Please upload a trailer (not the complete film) and an abstract at abstract submission time.  
◆ All film submissions must be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube for review. Physical copies will not be accepted.
◆ Include a URL link to Vimeo or YouTube as the last line of the abstract.
◆ Provide a password if the URL is password protected.
◆ Maximum submission length is 15 minutes.

Authors submitting to this track are expected to present a film at the conference during the film session. We invite presenters to screen a portion of an entire digital film. Presenters might present a short film in its entirety; discuss a film’s production with screening of clips; or present pedagogical or research outcomes from film making with screening of clips.