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Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute
Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned enterprise subordinate to Tsinghua University. It is the only member that is based on urban and rural planning and design as well as research and consulting as its main business under Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. It is an important component of the Institute for China Sustainable Urbanization, Tsinghua University, which is jointly established by National Development and Reform Commission and Tsinghua University. It has a number of professional qualifications including urban and rural planning, architectural design, landscape architecture, cultural relic protection survey and design, tourism planning, land use planning, etc. 

Tsinghua Tongheng is rooted in the academic research environment of Tsinghua University. Relying on the comprehensive disciplines and industrial advantages of Tsinghua University, it has always insisted on the development idea of “integration of industries, universities, and research institutes” that combines urban and rural planning engineering practice with scientific research and education, and actively explores the research field of urban and rural planning related disciplines. Through more than ten years of enterprise development, it has gradually formed its own comprehensive advantages, core business, and service characteristics.

Relying on the industrial cluster and development platform of Tsinghua Holdings, Tsinghua Tongheng has a unique business advantage of both horizontal expansion and vertical integration. Through the collaborative innovation among groups within the company, constant exploration and expansion of business areas, and enhancement of business capabilities, it seeks to promote the reform, innovation, and sustainable development of urbanization and urban and rural planning and construction.

Tsinghua Tongheng has always insisted on the enterprise’s characteristic of “promoting research through practice” and made great efforts to carry out scientific research and innovation. With rich practical experience and in-depth policy interpretation abilities, Tsinghua Tongheng, as an industrial think tank, participates in the compilation and formulation of policies and standards organized by the state ministries as well as provincial and municipal governments, and helps the government to grasp the strategic priorities and enhance management and decision-making abilities. Through the effective transformation of scientific research achievements to solve practical difficulties and hot issues, Tsinghua Tongheng has completed many state-level key projects and obtained a large number of intellectual property rights, thus guiding the overall improvement of core concepts and technical methods of the planning industry.
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